Post Election Syndrome

By Tom Evers

November 24, 2002

Anyone who's worked on a campaign will tell you that the hard part is getting over the fact that you're no longer campaigning.  In fact it's even hard to write about politics, shortly after election-time.  You literally spend weeks and months running all over creation trying to get your man elected to their desired post.  Every time you get behind the wheel of your car, you feel that adrenaline rush, and speed off to deliver that campaign package.  You're superman and you're off to save the planet.  Or a member of the Mission Impossible team off to defeat some communist threat.

Then the day after the election comes, it occurs to you that the world is right with itself again, and you are out of whack - aimless, tired, drained of all life.  Even void of all energy.  But hey, 2006 is right around the corner, right?

All you get to cling to now is Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and The McLaughlin Group.  Now, it's observer time.  We get to watch society's talking heads blab away, as if most of them really understood the issues? 

Although watching Eleanor Clift trying to spin away the reality that the Democratic Party had its tail end handed to it was rather amusing.  Or DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe saying "it was a good day for the Democrats."  Absolutely Terry, please keep having good days like that.  If you're happy, I'm happy.  Keep up the great job!

Good luck, Terry…in your new job.  Why is this guy still in there?

Well at least we have C-SPAN.  There's nothing more entertaining then watching liberal Democrats calling in with the most absurd points of view possible.  They make you hope and pray that people in UFOs are tuning in to the program, as they might get the impression that most Americans are as idiotic as the majority of liberal callers tend to appear on the show.

I don't know how Brian Lamb keeps a straight face.  I really don't.

Elections off years are tough times for campaign-types like me.  Although any good politico will tell you "there's no such thing as an off year."

The Party of Pelosi (and Kennedy, and Traficant, etc.)

The good news for Republicans is that despite the clear message in their recent election set back, Democrats have gone to the left to find a solution. 

It should be interesting to see how this San Fran-Hollywood-Manhattan thinking plays out in the ranks of Democrats.  Early bets are that a few Democrats are already thinking about jumping ship to the GOP.  A good pick up would be, Georgia Senator Zel Miller.  Pelosi Democrats see him as a Republican in sheep's clothing anyway.  Miller, more often than not votes along with the GOP on most important votes anyway.

With Pelosi ruling the roost, rumor is that there may be a few Democrats in the House of Representatives that may be looking for a new home in the GOP.  Don't get me wrong, I think this is entertaining and all, but the last thing we need is another gutless liberal Republican amongst the ranks.  We are better off with someone who is true to their colors and not someone who hopes to gain favor by making the switch.  Jim Jeffords comes to mind as a big loser in this respect.  Jeffords believes in nothing and has nothing.  There isn't a lonelier man in the Senate.

So, the big question is will Pelosi be true to herself and oppose the President on Iraq, on defense spending, on tax cuts, on all of the other reasonable positions?  Will she be true to her convictions or will she implode trying to satisfy the more moderate elements of her party?  This remains to be seen.  The hard part for Pelosi is that her record is that of a hardcore liberal; she will have to change her public views in order to be an effective leader of her party.  Our hope is that she stays the course and further divides her party and distances Democrats from the American mainstream.

Have no fear Dems, Gore is on the way

Al Gore is back in the news.  And despite the fact that members of the Democratic National Committee, by at least 50%, don't see him as the answer, he may be in the running for the opposition candidate spot.

Gore has spent significant time lately complaining to his base - who are ironically Pelosi-type Democrats - that the Democratic Party failed by not moving to the left fast enough to oppose President Bush.  These people make for great television. They are energized and passionate.  And they get plenty of airtime from their friends in the media to concoct and purport their out of step ideas.  It will be interesting to see Al Gore making his comeback and watching the Dan Rathers' of the world give him a free pass to blab on incoherently into the camera.

But it won't be so easy to overcome his unpopular anti-war, pro taxes stance in the eyes of the populace.  While, his interviewers will probably nod-collectively at his so-called "thoughtful" positions, the rest of us will sit in utter disgust.  And we will secretly hope and pray that this is they guy that they send up against George W in the next go-round.

I plan on having a "Gore Watch" so that we can pay attention to Al and his plans for American conquest.

Daschle blames Limbaugh for loss

If losing weren't enough, now comes time for one loser to become a sore loser.

Even James Carville, the GOPs ideological arch-enemy, took responsibility for the Democrats loss by claiming that the party didn't make the case on issues, didn't campaign well, and didn't have a message.  You can't beat somebody with nobody.

In his last day as Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, like a pitiful fool, took to the airwaves and blamed Rush Limbaugh for his loss.  He blamed right-wing radio, its listeners and everyone else but himself for his party's decline. Daschle claims that he had been receiving death threats and he then proceeded to make other out of mind, out of sight claims about Limbaugh listeners.  He further made some moronic comment about a "shrill pitch" or something.

His comments were pretty much laughed off by new Majority Leader Trent Lott, who all but dismissed the comments as absurd, but typical.

Trent Lott is all business, and being the stand up guy that he is barely entertained the notion.  But its good to know that one of the highest guys in the Democratic Party are chasing shadows instead of exercising their own demons.

Hmmmm.  Limbaugh listeners not issues, McAuliffe still running the DNC, Pelosi leading the House down the path to chaos, and Al Gore as their self-appointed spokeman and Presidential front runner. 

The Democrats seem self-checked even before the game even gets started.

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