Rowland Victory Evident/ Paul Keily: Best Choice for West Hartford

By Tom Evers

November 02, 2002

By all accounts - even honest, liberal ones, Governor John Rowland seems well on his way to a clean and decisive victory over quasi-rival Bill Curry.  While this campaign has been a fairly uneventful, it's a good to see that Connecticut residents see through the Democratic nonsense machine.  In the final analysis, Democrats chose a boring, unconnected candidate whose entire campaign has been nothing more than a barrage of negative, incoherent ads that lack substance or philosophy.

I have to hand it to the Governor.  After watching him articulate his positions well during the debates, I came away satisfied that he is prepared to address the issues that matter: state security, economic growth, jobs, education and Connecticut's overall prosperity.  Objectively speaking, Curry on occasion has made points here and there, but it's easy for the want-to-be-guy to analyze any current administration's policies and poke holes in them.   It's hard to make a case for a change to Connecticut's leadership at this point.  And trying to link the Governor to Enron is the Democrats' only hope -- and it's a far-fetched link. 

Note to the Democratic party:  If you guys plan on running another candidate in four years, try putting together a platform, run the campaign on issues not hype, and try to find someone who has held a job, or has at least spent time in the Nutmeg State.  These "Charlie Brown" candidates that you have been throwing at us over the last few election cycles, just don't do it.

Supporting Paul Keily for Probate in West Hartford:  Voting for Integrity

It probably won't surprise you that I'm a strong advocate of Paul Keily for Probate Judge, but my decision to support him is not in any sense - philosophy driven. While the Probate position is not as "political" as most others on the ballot, its still worth considering the implications of putting the right or wrong man in the job.  In a nutshell, the qualifications for the job are fairly basic:  strong legal know-how, sound judgment, and an impeccable character.

I can only speak from my own personal experience on this one. 

I have known Paul Keily for two years.  He is a bright, energetic, well-respected family man.  Keily has a local law office on North Main Street and handles a variety of cases for local residents.  He is not a political ideologue, which is remarkable attribute for someone running for office these days.  His client base is made up of both Republicans and Democrats, and he has received support from most of them in his bid for Probate Judge. 

A year ago, I was surprised to see the unusual variety of support he received during his first bid for Probate.  Endorsements and offers to help poured in from all directions -- from both residents and non-residents alike - people crossed political lines - trying to find a way to get a man of such integrity elected to Probate.

It's hard to measure legal know-how, but the fact remains that Paul Keily is a successful, well-established lawyer in West Hartford.  The number of years he has practiced, the endless list of calls he receives to take on new cases is a testimony to his success.  Another great attribute about Keily is that he always has a minute for everyone - he's not your typical "always on the money-meter" attorney. 

Probate decisions are often painful and difficult cases to handle.  Many cases are derived from a death in the family.  Keily has the kind of compassion and sense of fairness to handle such cases with professionalism and diligence.

If Paul Keily were a Democrat, he would still get my vote.  The fact that he is running on the Republican ticket should play little in your decision to give him yours.

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