The Carter Award, Kill the Sniper

By Tom Evers

October 21, 2002

Carter and his Peace Prize


If we've learned anything this past week, it's that awards like the Nobel Peace Prize are nothing more than crapola on a stick.  I mean five liberals get together in a room in Oslo and decide to send a message to President Bush about his Iraqi position by giving one of his staunchest critics an award.


The Chairman of the committee basically came out and said that the award was meant to embarrass President Bush.  And Jimmy Carter, who appeared gleeful on every channel, didn't take the time to notice that Nobel Committee used and made an ass out of him. 


Most of us sat in shock of Carter receiving this award in the first place.  And to be honest, no one has articulated any rationale reason for him to receive it.  There were mumblings about some Camp David Accord and his ongoing mission to build houses for the poor, but since neither of these should be seen as accomplishments worthy of world-wide, global recognition, one wonders if Carter doesn't second-guess the whole matter.


What's interesting is that the day after receiving the award Carter told Larry King that when he first received word that he had chosen that he and Lilian "thought it was a prank".  Well, Jimmy, in a sense you are right --  the joke is on you.  And the joke is on us for believing that the Nobel Peace Prize to be anything more than a token award for liberals to pass on to each other as a public spectacle to enhance their out-of-mind agenda.


There is reason why Jimmy Carter was laughed out of office.  Foolish policies, mile long gas lines, allowing the Soviets to expand their empire, and allowing Iran to hold our hostages for 444 days.


Jimmy Carter's place in presidential history is somewhere at the bottom near James Buchanan.  Carter's pathetic leadership made us appear weak and vulnerable in the eyes of our enemies and now 25 years later, despite clear indications of Iraq's attempted development of chemical and biological weapons, he publicly claims that they "pose no threat to the United States".


Jimmy Carter is better left to peanut farming and building houses.  His utopian view of the world is out of sync with post-911 realities.   Please, Jimmy, go away, just quietly take your Nobel Peace Prize and go away.  Adults have work to do.


Sniper Dilemma


If you're like me, you've noticed that the word coward has a new poster child.


What kind of inhuman bastard shoots men filling up gas tanks, or moving their lawn, or women shopping at Home Depot?  What kind of monster murders children at recess?  What kind of villain kills innocents, and slips into the darkness? 


A cowardly one.


The problem with the Sniper incident is the catch-22 of the matter.  If he does nothing - he remains loose within our society and not paying the price for his evil works.  Yet, in order to catch him, he may have to kill again to be captured.


News reports say that police chased the gunman or gunmen and lost them to city traffic?  Where were the helicopters?  Couldn't they seal off a city block or two?  For God's sake, I mean it's a big white van.  How obvious could it be?


It's hard to make the case that nothing more can be done.  With 70,000 tips reported in to police and federal officials, one can understand the complexity of solving the crime.  What if one of those tips is the one that reveals the name and location of the killer and the police overlook it or find it too simplistic an answer?


This brings to mind all of the information that the Government failed to sift through and heed the possibility of terrorists hijacking planes and flying them into buildings. 


The reality is that there is just too much information and not enough manpower or time to review every lead, every tidbit or every avenue. 


The best chance of catching this villain is for someone close to him to rat him out to police.  This is the way that many criminals are caught.  It's only a matter of time before someone spills the beans and this guy is toast.


Let's hope that when he's caught, he's killed.  I don't think I could stomach liberal TV psychologists pronouncing him insane or victimizing him in the name of oppression.  No.  Indeed.  No juries, no OJ trials - just 100% pure justice.


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