Desperate Men and Desperate Measures - Continued

While allied troops have yet to come across any WMD factories, Donald Rumsfeld predicted on Fox News Sunday that these discoveries will probably be found just south of Baghdad in areas yet to be taken by allied troops.   When these factories are exposed, the United Nations will suffer embarrassment of their ineffectiveness; while inspections were ongoing, Saddam terror factories were in full operation right under their noses.

With the many dirty tactics used by the Iraqi regime, American and British officials may have to come to the realization that our approach may need some refining.  Unlike the majority of liberal news commentators, who see this week's slight pause in activities as a weakness in our overall military strategy, I believe that it's a smart decision to stop and reevaluate the current plan.

At the end of the day, we need to put the lives of American and allied troops first.  Taking the time to redeploy troops, or provide additional force is not a sign of weakness or error, it's readjusting the strategy to bring victory with greater effectiveness and fewer allied causalities.  There are days when I believe that liberal news reporters hope for US military set backs to justify their own anti-war sentiment, and false notion that never-ending diplomatic efforts were the answer.  The media comes close to painting fanatical terrorist attacks as Iraqi resistance to allied assistance to eradicate Hussein from power.

But this is far from the truth.  The years of torture and terror are nearly at an end.  Whether it's another week or ten weeks, it's well worth the wait.

And as for implementing a military strategy that reduces civilian casualties, I'm all for it - as long as the plan doesn't call for doing so at the expense of allied casualties.  So, if bombing a mile long Baghdad city block has the result of killing three-dozen Iraqi or Al-Queda terrorists, or Iraqi troops, then we need to take the risk of civilian casualties.  The alternative could be three-dozen allied deaths trying to take the building.

We cannot afford to allow the Iraqi regime to shape or dictate how we fight this war.  We must show no mercy to these evil villains.  Particularly, when video from Iraqi Television has shown that they don't intend on showing us any. 

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