Peace Protesters in West Hartford

WEST HARTFORD PROTESTER:  Well, I don't know.  I'm just here to protest the war.   There has got to be another way.

EVERS:  Well, if you think of it, you'll be a hero. In the meantime, you might want to become more informed about the positions you are taking.  Educate yourself on the issues.  Once you do, you might even determine that you are on the wrong side of the debate, right?


As you can see West Hartford protesters are probably not a breed unto themselves:  despite rich surroundings - a Max's Oyster Bar backdrop - they are still generally uninformed, misinformed or totally confused.  Often this is the case with most protesters, they tend to be narrow-minded and either swayed by some half-witted television celebrity or their local, liberal neighborhood activist.

I noted (,0,2553755.story) an article on that mentioned that West Hartford High School students also participated in protesting in West Hartford Center this past week.  One student seemed excited about participating in their first act of "civil disobedience".   Obviously, they are being encouraged by their parents who are probably 60s-style, hippie Vietnam era peaceniks.  There is no convincing this tedious group of individuals - who for the most part would have found WWI and WWII objectionable.

My peace protesters are unreasonable people who are caught up in utopian ideals.  None of them understand that the use of military might is necessary to protect civilized societies from barbarian societies.  The Second World War for example, was necessary to defeat encroaching armies, free humans from concentration camps and stop fascism and Nazism from attempting domination over the civilized world.  Still most peace protesters don't see the "need for bloodshed".   But then again, they typically don't see the forest through the trees either.

Getting back to the students for a minute -- another comment in the article that caught my eye was that somehow some students think we are "rushing to violence".  Hmmm?   Twelve years is quite a rush, isn't it?

A more rationale argument is that we've acted too slowly because we had a Clinton White House that did nothing for eight years besides watch Saddam rebuild his arsenal.  And gave lip service to the disarmament process.  But I guess that Hall High and Avon High students are not learning about this factual history.

Instead of blindly protesting in the name of peace, I would challenge West Hartford residents to spend some time reading and getting up to speed on this Iraqi situation.  When they do, they will find that there are good reasons for going to war with Iraq.

Halt Iraq's production of chemical, biological and perhaps - nuclear weapons so that they cannot threaten the civilized world including the United States (and those nations in the Middle East region).

End the opportunity for the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons by Iraq to terrorist groups and other fundamentalist Islamic regimes.

A series of meetings between Iraqi officials and Al Qaeda terrorists have been long documented.  There is also evidence that the two have mutual goals: destruction of the United States and Israel.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Iraqi defectors have reported that terrorist groups (some linked to Al Qaeda) are in position to perform terrorist attacks on US troops when they enter Baghdad.  One would figure that Hussein would know that Al Qaeda is operating within Iraq's border considering the tight control Iraq has over its people.

Well, next time you see a peace protester complaining about the war on Iraq.  Follow my lead.  Ask them to explain themselves.  Don't worry; you'll have them second-guessing themselves in no time. 

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